Over the course of the last eight or so years that I've been writing for Garage Gyms, I have helped a lot of people set up their own home gyms. I've done this not only through my equipment guides and reviews, but also one-on-one with those who have reached out to me for advice. It is, after all, the entire goal of the site to help you guys transition from global gym to garage gym as smoothly and affordably as possible.

In that time, many of the site's followers and many of the folks that I've worked with one-on-one have suggested that I set up a PayPal or Patreon account so that they may donate funds to the site. Well as much as I appreciate this gesture and as much as the funds would indeed help to offset the cost of the site and of review equipment, I've always felt a little funny about taking donations - so I never have. 

The Garage Gyms Store was created as a sort of compromise to accepting donations. By offering up high-quality products that you can and will actually use at reasonable prices makes me feel a lot better about you giving me your hard-earned money. You get something you want, I get money for review products which in turn allows me to continue creating content, and we're all happy. It's a win/win!

In any case, whether you buy apparel from me because you want to help support the site or simply because you like the apparel, I thank you all the same. Your support allows me to continue doing what I enjoy doing, and that means the world to me. 

Happy Training!