Garage Gyms 8" Transfer Sticker
Garage Gyms 8" Transfer Sticker
Garage Gyms 8" Transfer Sticker

Garage Gyms 8" Transfer Sticker

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Buy any combination of (2) tshirts, tank tops, or flags and get a transfer sticker of your choice for free. Just add sticker to cart and use code: STICKER

Proudly show your support of Garage Gyms; both indoors and out; with a transfer sticker. These durable, vinyl stickers will adhere to just about any smooth surface including your laptop, a gym mirror, gym equipment, doors, windows, and even your vehicle if you're so inclined!

These stickers are 8" long and 2" tall. Like any high quality transfer sticker they have both a paper backing and transfer tape.

Available in black or white.


  1. First make sure the location you plan to stick this sticker is thoroughly cleaned and dry.
  2. Slowly and carefully remove the transfer tape from the paper backing.
  3. Place the sticker on your desired surface and then use your fingers to apply pressure across the face of the sticker.
  4. Use something like a credit card across the the face of sticker to reinforce the adhesion.
  5. Slowly, carefully, and at a 180 degree angle, peel the transfer tape away from the sticker.

Watch the video below to see it done. 


You don't get a second chance with transfer stickers, so take your time.