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Garage Gyms 26" Wall Graphics
Garage Gyms 26" Wall Graphics
Garage Gyms 26" Wall Graphics

Garage Gyms 26" Wall Graphics

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Many garage gym owners like to support their favorite companies by hanging flags and banners in their gym - a form of garage gym interior decorating if you will. Well I don't have any problem with flags or banners (Garage Gym flags are in the works as we speak), but I wanted to do something a bit different. Something to stand out in a sea of flags.

The Garage Gym and Garage Gym Owner wall graphics are heavy-duty stickers made with self-adhesive fabric. They are printed in full, high-resolution color so they look super sharp, and in my own biased opinion I truly do believe that they'll make your gym pop.

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Additional Info

  • Garage Gym Wall Graphics are 26" wide and about 6" to 6½" high.
  • Special, self-adhesive fabric diffuses light. These look really professional on the wall.
  • Wall graphics adhere to smooth surfaces (doors, walls, glass, etc.) They are not recommended for drywall.
  • Can be removed without damaging your wall.

Shipping Info

Garage Gym wall graphics ship rolled up in a tube and will contain the graphic, an application squeegee, masking tape, and mounting instructions. Installation is quite simple, but please read mounting instructions before beginning the process.